Special offer: We are giving a 50% discount, only today! Limited stock available
Special offer: We are giving a 50% discount, only today! Limited stock available
As Seen In As Seen In

Used by special forces in the field!

The EliteTac flashlight can be the perfect tool for roadside emergencies, walking in the dark, survival, and even self-defense. That's why time and time again, it's chosen as necessary equipment in the field.

Survival tool

Its powerful beam can light fires and light up a forest with ease


You must protect yourself; this flashlight uses its incredible beam to blind and stun your opponents


Made from jet fighter-grade aluminum and titanium to withstand all elements


The EliteTac can cast a beam for over 2 miles

New Compact Design

It's easy to carry around and it can fit in your pocket

Long battery life

The battery is specially made to last a very long time without needing a recharge

Meet EliteTac

EliteTac is the first affordable military flashlight that is available to the public. It features the strongest LED technology. With EliteTac, you can light up immense areas, blind and disorient attackers, and even start fires with ease.

Different modes for all situations

The EliteTac is an all-in-one flashlight that can be used in any situation. Thanks to its impressive LED technology, the EliteTac can project a stunning amount of light. It has different strength modes that can blind someone or start a fire. On top of that, it also has an SOS mode and a strobe mode.


Did you know that the EliteTac is made of the same stuff fighter jets are made of? It's true; the waterproof casing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium, making it able to withstand enormous pressure, all weather conditions, and be completely rustproof and waterproof.


Don't let its size deceive you, it's made to be compact so that it can be included with the essential gear for special forces. It was necessary to make it ergonomic and professional so that it could be easily carried around all over the world.

"my top choice for flashlights, without a doubt"

"I love this flashlight, I used to take it on missions with me overseas, and use it for outdoor camping today. I barely have to charge it and always have the ability to start fires or shine a light at night."


Marshall B.

Veteran & Self-defense Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about EliteTac.

Since this is also self-defense equipment, it can temporarily blind and disorient someone
This is not suitable for children and should be kept away from them. This flashlight is not a toy!
No matter what mode you use, it can last one long night at least. On light mode, it can last several nights.
There are a lot of counterfeit products that try to surf on the EliteTac's wave hype. That's why we don't sell them on third-party websites but only right here on our official one.
It should arrive in less than 5 days after you have received the order confirmation email. Delivery may be quicker, depending on your destination. We ship from multiple states in the U.S.